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AmuwoGames 2021 Ends on a High Note

The AmuwoGames 2021 may have ended, but the event’s memory lives on in the hearts of the participants and the community at large. On Sunday, March 28th, 2021, the closing ceremony began with a soccer match between the Extension Dolphins and Mile 2 Lions at 1pm. In the first half, Extension Dolphin took the lead on a single run by the striker, after what appeared to be a dull game. The Mile 2 Lions retaliated with a powerful set piece from about 20 yards out. After that, it became a titanic war, with no one knowing which way the pendulum would ultimately swing. After the regulation time ran out, the referee had no choice but to call a penalty shootout to decide the winner. When the Mile 2 Lions defeated the defending champion, the Extension Dolphins, they got a fortuitous break. It was a happy occasion for their supporters and fans of the beautiful game.

Following that, members of the LOC, sponsors, and community leaders presented all the gold, silver, and bronze medalists from the 17 tournaments with their medals. The GRA Rhinos were named the best team overall in the 2021 season, with the most medals (six gold). There was a sense of pleasure in the air.

Finally, the Amuwogames 2021 came to a close with a Gala Night celebration honoring all contributors. Corporate sponsors, media partners, and committee members attended the celebration, which took place in the evening at the Festival hotel, Festac. There was plenty to drink and eat, as well as comedy and wonderful music to dance to, making for a pleasant evening.

MC Kunle Keshinro, who made the night memorable, hosted the star-studded event, which was attended by Nigerian Idol stars Faze and K Peace, as well as comedian Babahkay.

During the dinner, Mr. Seun Ayeni, the founder of the Mini Sports Festival and the LOC Chairman of the AmuwoGames 2021, took the opportunity to thank everyone in attendance, especially the members of the organizing committee, for their support and sacrifice over the month-long sports festival. MTN, the Olatokunbo Foundation, Perception Technologies, Alek Pharmacy, Dreamrite, Lanre Shittu Motors, Kunle Ologun Foundation, CWAY, Mama Amuwo, Nigezie, TVC, and others were among the corporate sponsors and media partners thanked, and he expressed optimism that they will do even better in 2023.

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