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AmuwoGames 2023 Celebrates Remarkable Gender Diversity and Triumph of Female Athletes

The third week of AmuwoGames 2023 has emerged as a triumph for female athletes, underscoring the commitment to gender diversity and the promotion of women in sports. The latest data reveals an inspiring narrative of inclusivity across various sports, with women making significant strides in volleyball, cycling, chess, Scrabble, draughts, swimming, and the 100 meters dash.

Of the 708 registrants for AmuwoGames 2023, an encouraging 12% were females, contributing to the vibrant mosaic of talent and diversity that defines this sporting extravaganza.

This weekend witnessed a remarkable shift as female athletes claimed their places on the medals table, showcasing their prowess and determination. Feyiyemi Olowoselu, a 14-year-old sensation from the Mile 2 Hawks, emerged as a double gold medalist in the junior category of the Nirvana Water Cycling Tournament and the 100m Women’s Dash.

Rumaysoh Bello, the lone female contender in the Draughts tournament, exhibited exceptional skill, securing the 3rd position and clinching a well-deserved Bronze medal for her Festac Elephants team.

Adding to the roster of female champions are the Festac Bulls Volleyball team’s gold medalists, Candy Lawrence, Oluchi Eze, and Olanma Okoye, who displayed unparalleled teamwork and skill to secure victory.

The past three weeks of AmuwoGames 2023 have seen the conclusion of several tournaments, including Video Games, Smoov Chapman’s 5-aside Tournament, Golden Penny Volleyball Tournament, Snooker, and Belgium Foods Table Tennis tournaments. These events have set the stage for a thrilling finale.

As the festival enters its final week, anticipation builds for the Nirvana Water 10km Walkathon, Swimming, Perception Technologies Basketball, Tennis tournaments, and the football finals. The one-month celebration of sports and camaraderie will culminate on November 26, 2023, promising an unforgettable conclusion to AmuwoGames 2023.

AmuwoGames continues to break barriers, showcasing the incredible talent of female athletes and reinforcing the festival’s commitment to inclusivity and equality in the world of sports.

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