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  • Dec 21, 2018
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5. Goa

This legendary beach party may not be as psychedelic as it once was, but dancing in the sand under the stars, with fairy lights in the palm trees, cannot help but make you feel young and free again. Fireworks and revelry up and d of this Indian state go on all night. Those around Anjuna are the craziest.

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6. Rio de Janeiro

Why not join the 2 million or so who gather on Copacabana Beach for fireworks? It will be tropical. But it will not be colorful. White is the traditional color for good luck in the New Year. The live music in the air could be samba, or it could be almost any other genre. For the ultimate experience, watch it all from Copacabana Palace, a high-society hotel overlooking the beach.

7. Berlin

Those Germans know how to party. The day sees the annual running of Berliner Silvesterlauf, in which contestants dress up and jog on routes of up to 15k to collect their jelly donut at the finish line. At night, the big party is at the Brandenburg Gate.

8. Koh Phangan

Southern Thailand is famous for its full-moon parties, and this Thai island has the most famous of them all. Therefore, expect all-out revelry on New Year’s Eve, especially around Sunrise Beach in Had Rin. The party won’t stop till the following afternoon, at least, so old hands know to wait until just before midnight to begin.

Happy New Year!

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