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  • Jan 5, 2019
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1. Electric Cooker

Again, with the technology advancement, wedding gifts have taken shape. An electric cooker is on this list as possible wedding gifts because its new, trendy and who wouldn’t want an electric cooker. As this gift is universally ideal, a typical Nigerian may not see the need because the power supply is not constant, and the electricity bill would be over the roof. In all, it is still a wonderful wedding gift.

2. All Expenses Paid Trip

After a wedding there will be a honeymoon, why not surprise the couple with an all expense paid trip. They will need it to get away from family and friends and just bask in their love on a beautiful island. When planning a trip for a couple, depending on their nationality, it would be easier to send them on a trip to a visa-free destination. A lot of these destinations are also ideal for honeymoons Maldives, Barbados, Fiji, Seychelles and more.

3. Drinkware Set

Just like silverware, many families take pride in and utmost care of their drinkware. A whole set will be nice as they will have enough for a time when they have guests and gatherings. The great thing about it is, the drinkware sets will match. It will make their home look more organised and carefully thought out. Also whenever the babies come and break a set or two, there will always be a drinkware set to pull out of the store. It is like having a lifetime supply of cups and glasses.

4. Skincare Package

Skincare packages are the new in thing. If you have never thought of it before I am glad you’re reading this. Nowadays, skin care is no longer treated as a feminine thing. Both men and women take interest in their skin. Getting the couple, a skin care package will give them an activity to engage in together. It is one that will also keep them close because then, they can enjoy spa days together, bath bombs, body scrubs and more. A couple that slays together, stays together.

5. Baby Kit

While some people think about what the couple can enjoy now, others think about giving gifts that will be used in specific pha phases of their marriage. Some may call it thoughtless and insensitive to an unknown situation, however, the givers and some receivers of this kind of wedding gift, consider it a prayer. It is common in Nigeria to gift couples a baby kit on their wedding day. It is not just an item to make them happy but a prayer that their marriage is fruitful and blessed with a child or children.

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