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Picnics are a fun way to enjoy time with your family or friends outside! If you're wanting to go on one, planning ahead will help your event go off without a hitch. Choose a location and then decide what kind of food you want. Pack everything you need in a basket and cooler, and you're ready to head off on your adventure.

1. Getting the Specifics Down

Choose your location. The location is important, and it will help determine some of the other details you choose so pick it first! You could go to the park, the beach, the mountains, or even just your backyard. Some museums have lawns for picnicking, or you could head to any area with natural attractions, such as lakes or rivers.

When choosing a place, do a little research. If you need a picnic table, make sure the the area has some. You may want to check for things like bathrooms and running water, too.

2. Decide what time of day you want to Picnic. 

You could have a brunch picnic in the park and take breakfast foods or a lunch picnic with a friend from work. Alternatively, opt for a dinner picnic and consider bringing foods to grill.

It's important to decide what time of day you want to have your picnic, as that will affect the food you choose.

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3. Plan for Activities. 

Often, a picnic is about more than just the food. See what activities the area offers, so you know what you need to bring. For instance, if the park doesn't have much of a playground, bring some fun sporting equipment with you, such as Frisbees or a soccer ball.

You could also bring along a board game that's fun to play outside, such as Twister.

If you're at a nature reserve, consider going on a hike to a picnic spot!

4. Determine who you want to invite to your Picnic. 

Maybe you want to plan a picnic just for your family or maybe you want to throw a big picnic/party for your friends' birthday. Take some time to consider who you want to invite, then make a list of the people you'd like to come.

Remember, if you invite a lot of people, you'll need to plan on bringing food for that many people, unless you do a potluck. With a potluck, you'd provide a main dish and have everyone else bring sides.

Also think about the venue. Make sure it has enough tables for your group if you'll have a lot of people. You may need to reserve the space for a large group.

5. Create a checklist of what you need to bring with you. 

You'll need food, utensils, plates, a cooler, activities, and bags for cleanup. You'll also likely want a tablecloth or blanket to take out wherever you go.

Making a checklist helps you keep track of what you need to bring so spread out wherever you go.

Making a checklist helps you keep track of what you need to bring so you don't forget anything!

6. Make and distribute formal invitations for a bit of fun. 

If you're inviting friends on a picnic, consider sending out paper invitations inviting them to your party! Ask for your friends' addresses, and then write out invitations with the date, time, and details of the event. You could also make them on a computer to print out. Either way, it's a fun and festive way to get the event started.

If thatingers or just a single utensil. Too much fussiness makes for a messy picnic.[6]

For instance, try sandwiches, cottage cheese, or egg salad.

Fruits like strawberries, bananas, oranges, or apples are also great options!

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