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  • Mar 21, 2019
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Don’t let the rain wreck your kids and friend's fun. Sometimes, it pours on the wrong days. Not to worry, you need a backup plan? We've got four useful party ideas for a rainy day; better safe than sorry you know.    

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  • Pass the Parcel: A preference for home birthday parties, this is a game that many children love and enjoy. If you do not have the liberty to make your parcel, then you can always buy readymade parcels. 

  • Have A Movie Party: A trip to the cinema would be a perfect idea for the children if they are older. Although with younger children, you could still opt for a movie party, at home. Select a few movies, healthy snacks and drinks, some themed party decorations and you're set and ready to go. If you aren't particular about the contents of the party bags, then select some party fillers and treats that match the theme of the movie. 

  • Host A Crafts Party: Place a protective covering on the ground, get some tables and other materials you will need to have a wonderful creative play time. You could organise a drawing or painting contest and offer incentives to the winners, also a crafty science experiment to keep the kids engaged is a good idea. Search for ideas and inspirations for a more awesome experience.  

  • Take the Party Elsewhere: If you don't see yourself organising a fun house party for the kids because of lack of ideas or inspirations then opt to move the party to a venue. Perhaps all the children could go to an arcade game centre where they have numerous games and exercises to keep them busy and entertained. Another possible venue could be a bowling centre. 

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