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  • Mar 29, 2019
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It's probable that you already had a long to-do-list even before the engagement and now that it's official, it's even longer. Well, have you thought about things not to do? Keep reading to discover six things to avoid as a bride-to-be. 

  • Turn into a bridezilla: I for sure don't want to see one, bridezillas are terrifying! That's not a picture you want to paint now, is it? Mainly because you are not that kind of person. Let your warm personality also reflect on your special day. Be the sweet little bride who has everyone charmed at her feet with excitement and has everything in order. 
  • Go wedding-crazy: You're happy about your engagement, and so are your friends. As much as your girls want to be updated on the plans for your wedding, they also want to talk about other things. You might not even realise it, that's why you need to keep tabs on how conversations with friends go, don't be the ‘My wedding this, my wedding that’ girl. 
  • Diss the bridesmaids: These ladies are your 'circle', your go-to-girls, the ones you can always lean back on. They are the last people you want to diss. Watch what you say to them, they're there for you. But also consider that they might not be at your beck and call (still present but not answering you as swiftly as you want) and that's completely fine. Just let them be them, be nice to them and they will be beneficial to you. 


  • Insult the in-laws: The in-laws! Contrary to popular belief they might be very nice people. When the whole wedding plans and decisions start overwhelming you, and you're suddenly irritated and annoyed with everyone, it may indeed seem like the stereotype of annoying in-laws is accurate. Just excuse yourself and have a little alone time, just breath dear. Try to keep any outbursts private, or if you can't then you know who can calm you down? *winks Your favourite bridesmaid!  
  • Blow the budget: Please don't go overboard. There's marriage after the wedding. It's okay to go a bit over the initial plans but completely breaking the bank for the day is just ridiculous. Wedding budget planning is something that every couple should do before you decide on the principal elements, even if you end up making some little compromises here and there, in the end, it'll still tally with the overall budget, give or take. 
  • Give up: Don't give up! Times will come when you're just tired of the whole thing. Do not let that discourage you, simply take a short break, could be a day off or an entire weekend where you won't even hear the word 'wedding'. I bet you'll miss the wedding plans and go right back to it. Just keep at it. Goodluck!


Ugwuoko Angela.


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