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  • Mar 29, 2019
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While doing what you love, it is essential to make more money. Boosting your income is all about developing your business. In today’s party industry there is a lot of commotion and competition. So, it doesn't matter whether you are just starting the business or looking to refocus as the year progresses, here are five tips to assist you to excel and increase revenue.  

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  • Navigating Social Media: Its usefulness cannot be underestimated. Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, the list doesn't end here. Which of these platforms are you on and are you running your accounts well? Visual representation matters and Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, are key when sharing beautiful photos and videos of your work, new concepts and staying connected. Note that having all these accounts without using them on a steady basis, is useless. You need to be active daily and increase your “followers”; that way your label is growing and spreading to new audiences. 
  • Grow existing clients: Often, we forget what is right in front of us because we are gravely searching for something else. Your present client base is your greatest asset and maintaining your business with them will be profitable to your brand. Invest in your current clients by supporting their business, presenting new plan ranges each year, and much more. Watch them return the favour and see how you increase your income.  

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  • Word-of-Mouth: People trust people they already know more than any method of marketing. When you recommend yourself, you're giving your product or service the chance to sell itself. There are several ways of showcasing this success; ask a customer pleased with your work to write a review on your website, or leave a comment on your social media page for others to see, begin a friend's referral program, repost photos and videos of posts your products were tagged in. Eventually, all this effort is to help people understand why patronising you is a must. 
  • CRM database: Improving your business indicates growing your database with quality contacts who know your worth; make enquires on your website, send you emails, attend your events or call you. Do not make the mistake of going incommunicado for whatever reason with clients that are interested in your business. A CRM database will give you the quick wins you need to grow and increase your income. 
  • Collaborate and Network: You are surrounded by colleagues with amazing talents and skills, perhaps you just don't know it yet.  Networking events are an excellent way to expand your community and be a part of new possibilities. Combining your products, skills and talents with others in your line of business will leave you in awe. Also, they provide the opportunity to step outside and interact in person (put faces to names) rather than the regular emailing and calling. With the right systems, tactics and the right people in place, your income will grow as your business grows. 


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