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  • Apr 12, 2019
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There are so many things to be done when planning your big day. Some may be stressful, and others you may relish. One particular part of the process we are confident you will enjoy is shopping for your wedding dress. Look around you! A flood of breathtaking wedding gowns surrounds you. Why wouldn't you enjoy trying them on and slowly drinking champagne in between each one? Nonetheless, you ought to be aware of a few things before visiting the stores with the bride gang. Read on to discover five key details to keep in mind:   

  • Don't Bring the Entire Bridal Gang: Do not be deceived by what you see or watch on television. Oh! Your girl brought the whole group when she was shopping for her wedding dress. Well, did you have any impact on the dress she eventually picked or were you just a spectator? Having the whole bridal group can be overwhelming and confusing as you have too many opinions on what is and what's not. This entire process might just eventually lead you away from choosing your dream dress. Head on this wedding dress shopping journey with one or two people you trust, could be your mum, sister or maid of honour! You should have a stress-free experience.  
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  • Always Schedule an Appointment: You're not just going to wake up and say, 'Oh! mum, we're going shopping for my wedding dress today.' For most bridal stores, it is mandatory to book an appointment week in advance. So, ensure you do this before heading to any shop you fancy. This way you are not disappointed which leads to frustration and regret. Stress-free experience, Remember?   
  • Put on Suitable Underwear: First of all, for your comfort. Secondly, for you to look and feel amazing in that gorgeous dress, you eventually pick as 'The One'. It is vital to wear a nude or black set when dress shopping and you either wear a strapless bra or go with one.  Expect the unexpected when wedding dress shopping and I mean this in a good way. What you had in mind before heading to stores might not be the final dress you fall in love with. So be prepared!  
  • Get a Dress in Your Present Size: Trying to lose weight for the big day? It is an excellent idea, but you also need to bear in mind that you may or may not lose the pounds that you have set as a goal, so do not put yourself under that pressure to drop for the dress. Hence, it is advisable to buy a wedding dress in your current size. It's always easier to have your dress altered rather than struggling to get into it because you weren't able to lose as many pounds as you set.  

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  • Give Yourself Enough Time: You will go from store to store, trying on a plethora of beautiful wedding dresses searching for 'The Perfect One'. The one you lay eyes on and you just know immediately that, 'This Is It'. Give yourself plenty of time because these things don’t happen instantly, it could even take months. Ensure you start early, to avoid you rushing and making the wrong choice.  


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