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After making all the necessary arrangements for your event, what do you do next? Spread the word; your attendees need to be aware of your function to attend, which may either be digitally or physically. One practical approach is making use of your event's official website; mainly it's home or landing page. One of the many purposes of the page is to be able to create and improve awareness and build up more registration; you can achieve these objectives with a clear and comprehensive messaging, an organised information hierarchy, and an absorbing optical representation. You may use the following tactics as a guide to help you create a page or adjust an already existing page. 

  • 1. Identity: It is essential that the landing page for your event portrays the real intention of its brand by displaying a unique character. Make it easy-to-read and understand, express its identity both visually and verbally. This design would enable the user to know how to achieve a single or multiple goal(s). A proper visual organisation can determine what a viewer lays eyes on first, second, and so on through compelling imagery, various colours and the relative size of each icon. An excellent verbal organisation functions in the same way. 

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  • 2. Messaging: Your attendees look forward to entertainment, interconnection, festivals and much more. Your event's page layout should represent a precise messaging on what you know your attendees expect. Presumably, the page's information should be organised, its colours in trend, and your brand unique. 

  • 3. Colour: Vibrant colours encourage significantly, relevant, and whole event experiences. Hence, the reason why your event should depend on a palette of three to five vibrant pigments.  

  • 4. Typography: Make use of easy typography and iconography; it allows the users to explore freely. Put to use applications that can guide your grammar, texts, punctuation and so on. Let the overall copy be brief while making use of the right words. 

  • 5. Imagery: Captivating imagery will back up your event page's brand, and any information it is passing to the users. It's best to hire a professional photographer for images, whether it is on a banner or the events page. The imagery is more appealing to users when they look more professional.

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