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  • Jun 20, 2019

WAWE EXPO offers unique value to companies, associations and other industry players connected with Water Expo and serves them through our huge national and international network and resources which offers access to foreign embassies, chambers of commerce, industry associations experts and consultants, construction companies and water project contacts, as well as downstream industry matches.

During the show, you will have Match Making Service as well.

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The target visitors will be ;

• Ministries 

• Engineers and Architects 

• Republic of Nigerıa Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs 

• Republic of Nigerıa Ministry of Environment and Urbanization 

• General Directorate For State Hydraulic Works 

• Nigeria Water Institute 

• Municipalities and Municıpality Companies 

• Special Provincial Administrations 

• Local Administrative Associations 

• Provincial Culture and Tourism 

• Directorates 

• Floating Asset Institutions 

• Trade Unions 

• Power Plant Companies 

• Assocıatıon of Hydroelectric Power Plant Industry 

• Civil Society Organization

• Industrialists and Related Industrialists 

• Media and Press.

Date: 11th July 2019.
Venue: Landmark Center, Lagos Island.

Time: 9:00AM. For more enquiries, simply click


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