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  • Jul 18, 2019
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The bizzybody team as a whole are people who are grateful for each day and celebrate life. New day, new opportunities. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary or special holiday, the bottom line is getting the loved ones to come around and spend time, reminiscence and celebrate. Frequently, you might hear party planners say things like "I don't think I want to plan such a party again", "this is too much work, it's overwhelming". Even regular mums and dads, the truth is you don't have to let work consume you. With the following tips, you should be ready to enjoy your day and be stress-free. 

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N.B: These tips are for both event planners and anyone looking to organise a party. 

  • Perfection is not the goal: You want the best, you want the party to be fabulous, it must be the party of all parties. Good! But can you focus more on the celebration with loved ones? It's not a photo shoot, you know?! In as much as you can provide food, drinks and plates to eat on, everyone will relate. Any extra styling will be in accord with the taste of the host and how great the event is, i.e. baby shower versus cookout. No matter the event, being with loved ones and supporting one another is the ultimate. 

  • Simplify: Selecting a few essential features like the cake, colour theme and party decorations will be very beneficial when bringing the party together. 

  • Delegate: As host/hostess. You definitely can't do it all on your own, that's why you need to delegate to people who will love to assist you in bringing the day together. Think who could; take pictures, serve food and drinks, and so on. As long as the whole burden isn't yours to bear, you will have more time to enjoy yourself.  

  • Plan Ahead: A clear picture of your plans and ideas will help you deliver an event with no fuss. Get a notebook or board and write things down, once you have the whole plans laid out, your work will go on smoothly, and you don't have to start thinking about what you've forgotten 

  • Outsource: If you're not particularly good in some areas, you can seek professional help to assist, e.g. florists, party stylists, balloon professionals and lots more.  

  • Start Early: It is only reasonable to have everything ready before the day arrives. 

  • Enjoy the Journey: You put in a lot of energy and time when trying to organise a party. Relish the planning and preparation as much as the occasion itself and the whole experience will be more beneficial.


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