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  • Jul 25, 2019
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Bridal showers are a total bang and are the ultimate mode of girl time. Every girl dreams of her big day, even as a child. But they also desire a unique and memorable bridal shower. One last time with the girls as a single lady, have all the fun you can. Besides, the entertaining games and the rich traditions, the focal point of your bridal shower should be its theme. It's decoration, and other planning should be centred around it. There are some different ideas out there, but this is a list we compiled to guide you to ultimate fun. 


  • Showered with Love: An original theme for a bridal shower! From the umbrella cookies to the light blue rain boots, every item is #BridalShowerGoals. 

  • Rosé all day: Greatest theme ever some may say.  


  • Lemonade Stand: This lemonade stand-inspired shower is so sweet and classy. 

  • Seasonal Style: A very charming theme during the autumn season.  The calligraphy on the whole paper runner has such an impressive impact. 

  • Suns Out, Funs Out: Whoop! Whoop!! This colorful and pretty theme is grand for the summer. Have fun sipping some summer cocktails by the poolside. 

Trendy Tea Party: One of the timeless ideas for a bridal shower. A theme for the classic bride-to-be. Do not forget to provide plenty of sweets


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