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Owerri which is often referred to as the entertainment capital of Nigeria is the capital of Imo state. Owerri is famous for fascinating nightlife as it houses mostly hotels, bars, high street casinos, nightclubs and lots more. It is one of theplaces in Nigeria that embraces its rich culture and history.

Eastern Heartland as the slogan goes offers a blend of culture, relaxation and entertainment. Owerri is a haven for activities and events round the clock. 

 However, if you are planning and wondering about things to do in Owerri, here’s a list of top 5 places to visit in Owerri:

* Oguta Lake

* Nekede Zoo

* Assumpta Cathedral

* National Museum, Owerri

* Mbari Cultural and Art Centre

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1. Oguta Lake

Oguta Lake is the largest natural lake in the state. It is a tourist attraction in Owerri and a prime spot for visitors and locals. During the Colonial era, Oguta Lake served as a port to transport palm products from the state. It was also used by the Biafran Navy as a marine base during the civil war

Unlike some other lakes, Oguta lake is not salty and therefore safe to swim in as there are no wild or dangerous animals within. Visitors, as well as locals, enjoy playing the game of golf on the lake.

A magnificent spot on the lake is the confluence point where two striking colours of water meet. At this spot, the Bluewater and the Urashi River flow side by side without mixing. This happens without the external or man-made barrier.

There are lots to things to do in Oguta lake. From taking a speedboat ride to have a look at the magical confluence or go fishing, having a picnic at the lake bank, or visit the Oguta Lake Holiday Resort which houses some of the best facilities.

2. Nekede Zoo

Nekede Zoo also known as Owerri Zoowas established in 1986 at the Old Nekede road. It is strategically located in proximity to the city centre. Nekede Zoological Garden houses a variety of animal species including Lions, Pythons, Ostrich, Monkeys, Crocodile and others.

It is a popular spot for tourist and lovers of wildlife. Things to do in Nekede Zooinclude taking a tour and admiring the different animals as well as taking pictures of these animals.

3. Assumpta Cathedral

The Assumpta Cathedral which is often considered as the biggest cathedral in West Africa and one of the largest Roman Catholic churches in Nigeria. It is favourably situated in the centre of Owerri which offers visitors a beautiful sight of the architectural work.

It serves as a worship centre for Catholics in Owerri. It is almost impossible to miss the marble statue at the roundabout. There are lots of religious activities that take place in this edifice at various times.

4. National Museum, Owerri

The museum was established in 1988 and houses some ancient artefacts mostly from the civil war.  Most of the collections in the museum illustrate the way of life of early settlers in Owerri. The mini gallery was opened in 2002 and hosted an exhibition themed-Money and Household Utensils.

The National Museum offers a rich history of both the civil war and the Igboland as a whole.  There are also a number of relics for tourist to see.