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  • Sep 25, 2018
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Often times, we feel embarrassed by little things we do at events out of ignorance. Other times we are at a lost on what we are supposed to do. 

Bizzybody has put together few clues for you. Check below


1. At Business Events: 

Always introduce yourself with a firm handshake, not too weak nor too strong but firm. 


2. At Social Events:

Always hold your drink with your left hand. So as to keep your right hand dry for handshakes and pats


3. Both Business and Social Events:

Respect the host enough to stand up while he/she makes the first appearance in the event.


4. RSVP: 

This is coined from a French word "Ĺ•espondez s'il vous plaít " meaning " Please respond" if you see this on your invitation card, it simply means you should respond to the invitation. If you will or won't be there for the event.


5: Introductions:

 Never forget to introduce your unfamiliar friends to each other in an event. 


Blogger: Ugwuoko Angela Adaobi
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