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  • Sep 26, 2018
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As event planners we strive to make our event attendees happy and make a long lasting impression. Here are 16 ways to give a nice fuzzy, warm feeling to your guests.

Show You Care

Get to know your attendees, ask them their problems and what they would like to see and then respond appropriately. Create polls or surveys as well as opportunities to talk about themselves and show that it isn’t all about your brand or business. One of the main ways to show you care is by listening to them and sometimes merely asking the right questions can set you apart from the competition in their eyes.


Obviously, free stuff makes everyone happy! That being said, as much as we wish we had the budget to give out the latest tech or gadget to every attendee, it is not always possible. But you can opt for something a little more frugal instead. For example, have your swag offer value or share knowledge such as an eBook, webinar or short course. Or simply make it more interesting so that it is a cut above the generic goody bagsthat they are used to getting at other events and shows that real thought has been put into it.


Make Them Feel Important


Show attendees they aren’t just another number in a sea of many by making them feel important and cherished. Do this by personalising your communications and referring to them by their first names when corresponding with them, whether that is via email or on social media. Aim to reply quickly to them, even if it is just to acknowledge them. Making attendees feel important and building the relationship like this improves brand loyalty and makes them more likely to recommend to their friends.

Reward Loyalty

With all the competition and brands seeking their attention, if you have loyal attendees and followers, reward them to keep them happy. Make sure they have no reason to check out your competition. Treated them better by opting for loyalty cards, exclusive discounts, early bird offers for past attendees only or regularly run competitions for bigger prizes only open to your email subscriber list.

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