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  • Sep 26, 2018
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Think About Their Needs

Plan an event based on them and their needs rather than just focusing on the stakeholders or sponsors needs so you don’t compromise on user experience just to please others. Consider getting greater buy-in through co-creation and collaboration. Ask those attending what they want to see, why they are coming and what they want to achieve and use this information to your advantage and implement it.

Offer Energy Boosts

No matter how great your event is, energy can lag after a while and attendees get tired, particularly at events that require a lot of standing or walking such as trade shows or after concentrating on a number of presentations. Instead offer ways to rejuvenate or relax them, to give them a renewed amount of energy for the event and boost their mood. Some of the ways you could do this are: shorter sessions, incorporating movement, lounges, quirky food stations, networking areas with charging stations, or even something simple like placing workstations or furniture around the venue so they can chose a change of scene.


Attendees like to know what is going on so communicate with them, let them know what is happening and make sure information is easy and clear to find and understand. Also, engage on social media and give yourself a presence there so that they know you are easy to reach and listening. Communication is key. We also know that attendees don’t always read or digest information, so make it easy for them to absorb the key stuff.

Mix It Up

Do something different, spice up recurring events with new twists on old ideas and bring something new to the table for every event that you have, even if they are small changes they can make a big difference and heavily impact the user experience. Look at all aspects of your event as well, not just attendee orientated elements, also look at creative marketing and sponsorship ideas to create an all-round interesting vibe

Source: Event Manager
Blogger: Ugwuoko Angela Adaobi


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