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  • Oct 2, 2018
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A satisfied exhibitor returns next year and often increases their investment. Here are a few tips on how you can delight them and make an impression.

1. Return on Investment Trumps Booth Cost

If you’re struggling with exhibitor retention, it’s likely not the cost of your booth that’s making them rethink their investment with you. The key word here is investment and not fee or charge. If they are receiving a worthwhile amount of new sales, prospects, and reconnections with former customers, as long as the revenue they generate from your conference is significantly higher than the cost to attend, the actual booth rental matters little. Exhibitors are investing their marketing dollars in your conference. If it doesn’t provide them a sizeable return, they’ll look elsewhere.

2. Provide Excellent Materials Online and Off

If your exhibitors have been happy with your conference in the past, they may be looking for ways to increase their investment. Make sure you provide them with professional sponsorship packets, materials, and online information. Since marketing decisions are often made by multiple people within an organization, make sure your online options are as up-to-date as possible so that everyone will be looking at the same information.

3. Personalize Opportunities to Help Them Reach Their Target Market

Contact them personally to talk about their marketing needs. It may be that their ideal sponsorship is one you haven’t thought of yet. But don’t put the onus on them solely to come up with the idea. This is your event. You know what has been successful and what hasn’t. Work together to find something that will provide a good return on investment and add value for your attendees. A conversation about your exhibitor’s needs can help you better help them. Plus, personalized sponsorships feel special.

4. Use Content Marketing

The strategy behind content marketing is becoming a resource for your audience by providing information that’s helpful to them. When working with exhibitors, providing them with tools that help them establish more meaningful connections with your attendees is important to their success. Use a drip marketing campaign with helpful information on working a booth, using social media at the meeting, blog topics, host city information, and more. Making their content creation efforts easier and helping them reach people with good content will be appreciated and will help your conference stand out from others.

5. Drive a Higher Percentage of Attendees Their Way

Conferences and meeting professionals are using a number of apps, contests, and even gamification to drive traffic to their exhibitors. From a vendor’s perspective, it doesn’t matter how many attendees you have at the event if they aren’t making it to the exhibit hall. To this end, don’t schedule popular activities or speakers during exhibit hall hours and don’t host hours at the beginning or end of the day, especially on the first and last days. Attendees may use this time to leave early or sleep in instead.

Source: Event Manager Blog

Blogger: Ugwuoko Angela


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