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1. Naij: This site is an Entertainment site with a section for watching or downloading both Nigerian (Nollywood) and Ghanaian movies FREE. The site also contains other videos that may also interest you and it is completely free to download or stream and watch online.

2. NaijaPals: This site also contains many of the popular Nollywood movies that may interest you. Here you can download Ghanaian movies and Nigerian movies such as Yoruba, English and Igbo movies all for FREE. 

The site also offers other entertainment services that you may be interested in. Whether you want to download or watch Nollywood / Ghanaian movies online NaijaPals has got you covered.

3. MyNollywoodMovies: This site is a dedicated Movies download site with a segment for entertainment news. The site contains Nigerian and Ghanaian movies from popular Actors and Actresses in the Nigerian Movie industry. 

The site also features some Indian films and other interesting African series for your viewing pleasure. You can either download the movies to watch later or watch it directly online.

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4. Download Nigerian Movies: This site is also a good site you should check out when looking for some interesting Nigerian, Ghanaian or other African movies for FREE.

Google "Download Nigerian Movies" to start

5. Nigerian movies: This site is more of a mobile site based on the size but nevertheless, it contains a lot of Nollywood and Ghanaian movies that may catch your interest. You can find Yoruba movies, Igbo movies and Ghanaian movies all ready to download for free. Want to see for yourself, be my guest. Search for "Nigerian movies" on Google to begin.

6. Nigeria Movie Network
The site allows you to download many of the latest blockbuster Nigerian movies that you might have been craving for. The movies have been placed in categories for you to easily locate your choice movie. Log-on to to check them out.

In addition to that, Nigeria Movie Network also contains many short funny Nollywood movies that feature Artists like Emmanuela, Mark Angel, Bovi, Basket Mouth and so on.

7. (BONUS site) IrokoTV: This is a web platform that provides free and paid-for Nigerian films on-demand. It is one of Africa‚Äôs first mainstream online movie steaming websites, giving free and instant access to over 5,000 Nollywood film titles. 

It was launched on December 1, 2011, and the site has now grown to become the World's largest legal distributor of African movies according to Wikipedia, otherwise dubbed Africa's Netflix. 

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