Alexa Certificate


The 2019 Lagos Most Beautiful Girl ceremony aims to crown five ladies with beauty, brain and boldness. This unique annual pageantry program has also been established primarily to acknowledge, encourage and celebrate excellence among Nigerian Ladies by giving them the opportunity to gain valuable exposure and well - deserved recognition for their personality, national and global expansion ambitions.

 The main goal of the pageant is, therefore, to help Lagos business sector grow and prosper, and to market   Lagos as an investment destination to the rest of the world.

 Lagos Most Beautiful Girl is thus Conceptualized as the brainchild of Triple O entertainment in partnership with local and international bodies. it is an annual celebration of beautiful and distinguished ladies in all sector. It is all about blitz, style, glitz, razzmatazz and celebrating legends and true excellence in creative arts.

 This is undoubtedly the first of its kind, bringing entertainers, government personalities, organizations and brands under one umbrella to be celebrated for their enormous contributions to mankind and development of Africa.


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