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She is a Worship leader, Prolific Songwriter, Professional Violinist and Music Producer .

With an early exposure to Music, she began playing the violin professionally as a teen, after studying at MUSON and advanced with a Short Music Course at the prestigious Berklee College of Music.

She has worked on various projects with like-minded music ministers and brings and Unusual depth to Worship and Warfare.

SHE IS VICTORIA ORENZE {@victoriaorenze} and for the very 1st time, we are pleased to host her at #MASS6 - *THE REVIVAL EDITION.*



#IBADAN2ndComing. 👉 #TransAmusementPark.

👉 #Friday15thMarch2019.

👉 #7pmTillDawn.

cc: @mass_movement #revival #youth #mission #holyghostgang mass_movement.


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