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GT Da Guitarman is back with Elody!

GT da Guitarman is throwing the ultimate musical bash with the drop of his third studio magic, the EP titled “Elody.” This isn’t just an album; it’s the fireworks at the end of his 19-year musical extravaganza, a journey that started when flip phones were cool.

GT Da Guitarman, the maestro himself, cooked up “Elody” to be the heartthrob of Gen Z’s playlist. He even gave it a snazzy tagline – “psycool of life.” Translation? It’s the beat of life, and GT is your funky guide through the highs and the “please, no more” lows.

Picture this: GT da Guitarman, the seasoned Afrobeat ninja, already dropped two killer albums, “The Truth” and “Baked.” The first one had him jamming with Naeto C and Saucekid, while the second showcased his alter ego “Freq” and collabs with big shots like Yemi Alade, Ruggedman, Pryse, General Pype, and Patoranking.

But wait, there’s more! GT da Guitarman was part of that epic 2010 hit squad alongside Naeto C, Sasha, Vector, and Late Dagrin. After that, he thought, “Why not start my own party?” And voila, Indie Ember Entertainments was born.

Now, “Elody” is not just GT da Guitarman dipping his toes into a new sound for the cool Gen Z crowd. It’s a sneak peek into the wildest musical rollercoaster you’re about to ride. GT da Guitarman isn’t waving goodbye; he’s saying, “Folks, buckle up! The musical adventure is just getting started.” This ain’t the end; it’s the kick-off of a groove-filled odyssey that’s only warming up its dancing shoes.

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