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Ten Fun Facts about Battle Of the Sounds 2020 Lockdown Edition

Here are ten interesting facts about Battle of the Sounds – Season 2:

  1. The Lockdown Edition theme was inspired by the persistent restrictions on social activities and travel owing to the COVID-19 epidemic.
  2. Battle of the Sounds is a penta-genre music competition, which means it offers five different music genre competitions. Fuji/Juju/Apala, Reggae/Dancehall, Rap/Trap, Afropop/Afrobeat, and Acapella are among of the genres represented.
  3. The biennial music tournament takes place in November, with real battle days happening on the month’s weekends, namely Saturdays and Sundays. This year’s event will run from November 7 to November 29, 2020.
  4. Participant registration is free, however entries submitted by applicants are evaluated for selection of real contenders.
  5. The competition’s judges are mainly celebrities or music stars. Judges for the 2020 edition include Faze, GT da Guitarman, and Indomix.
  6. One of the factors for ranking in the tournament is fan voting. The Judging Criteria may be found on the competition’s official website,
  7. The contestants are divided into eight teams, and the ranking is done per group. The top three groups and individual champions in each genre contest will receive final awards.
  8. The total prize money for this year’s competition is one million naira. At the completion of the tournament, the first, second, and third final groups on the ranking table will get N400,000, N200,000, and N100,000, respectively. In addition, the individual victors of the five genre contests would each get N50,000. While consolation rewards of N50,000 will be awarded to chosen competitors.
  9. Bizzybody NG developed Battle of the Sounds. However, in the previous edition, it collaborated with organizations such as Den Visuals, Festac Online, FestacMag, Mile2Myhood, and other community groups.
  10. This edition will be aired live on social media sites, including the competition’s Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube pages. The recorded snippets will then be shown on television by broadcast partners like as Nigezie, TVC, Area Ten TV, and others.

So there you have it. That concludes our list of ten interesting facts regarding the forthcoming Battle of the Sounds Season 2 – Lockdown Edition.

Get ready for some clean and entertaining entertainment on your screens this November, and don’t forget to tell a friend about it.

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